Dirty Talk


Genre – Erotic Romance

Series – No

Main Characters – Amy and Phil have been friends for some time now, but because of a bet, they come together and find love.

Recommend this book to a friend? – Yes

Read more by this author? – I would read more by this author

Rating? 3 cups


Book Description

Amy can’t believe she’s let herself be bullied into a write off with the odious Dave. Now she needs to produce twenty pages of a story by next Friday – the content is to be of a very particular nature!

Fortunately Amy has an advantage: she’s a secret – and voracious – reader of erotica and she knows just what turns her on! But when it comes to putting her own words down on paper embarrassment and nerves have left her with a severe case of writers block…

Enter her good friend Phil. While she’s always thought him too sexy to be true her crippling shyness has held her back. But with Phil as her willing muse, Amy’s reality is suddenly more erotic than any fantasy…


While I did enjoy this novella surrounding two friends-to-lovers characters, it seemed a bit rushed to me. The character development for Amy seemed to be quite extensive as we learned how shy and awkward she is, but I still had a lot of questions about Phil. And While Jules and Dave were the antagonists in this story, I never understood the friendship between the girls. I did enjoy this fast-paced read, which is probably why I was hoping it was a bit longer and more fleshed out. I do enjoy Jane O’Reilly’s writing and would like to read more in the future

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